How To Tighten Your Vag Fast (In A Day Or Less)

Learn how to tighten your vag fast in less than a day or less. There are 5 Different ways to tighten your vag fast. Each has its own effectiveness. Choose any one method and try it for yourself.

5 Ways to Tighten Your Vag Fast

Here are 5 ways which you can implement to tighten your vagina fast. Some take a week while some take less than a day. Moreover, some are permanent while some are temporary. Depending upon the method you choose results may vary.

Tightening Your Vag Fast with Aloe Vera:

This is a natural method and 100% safe.

For this method you need Aloe Vera plant grown organically. Cut the plant’s leaf and scrub out the gel. Store this gel in a glass container and place it in a refrigerator.

Two medium sized leaves are ample for a week’s usage.

Every night before going to bed, wash your vagina clean and dry. Take some gel and rub it gently over and below vag lips.

Massage for at least 10 to 15 minutes gently. Leave the gel to work it’s magic overnight.

The next day you will feel the difference. Continue every other day or three times per week. Within a few days, you will be tight like young.

Note: please do not use the gel from stores. They contain preservatives which are harmful. If you can’t find Aloe Vera plant then move on to other methods.

Using Vinegar to Tighten Your Vag Fast:

This is another natural method of tightening your vag fast. This method use apple cider vinegar. You can either consume, douche or take a vinegar bath.

Please note that though this method is 100% natural it’s not safe. You need to follow the instructions laid in the above article step by step.

Most important of all use vinegar in it’s diluted form. By using raw vinegar you an screw up your pH balance in your vagina resulting in the death of good bacterias.

For more information on how to use vinegar to tighten your vagina read this article.

Tightening Your Vag Fast With Supplements

There are some supplements which are effective in vagina tightening. Most of them are natural herb extracts.

Supplements work blazing fast compared to natural methods. However, you should be careful before purchasing any supplement as most are quacks. You won’t feel a thing after usage of several days.

That is why we have listed top Vagina tightening supplements here.

We have compared them with their price, benefits, and cons. Frankly, we recommend V Tight Gel as it has shown better promises compared to other supplements. But the choice is yours.

Kegel Exercises to Tighten Your Vagina Fast

Kegel exercises are another way to tighten your vagina fast. It works by tightening muscles in and around the vagina.

It is just as working out your body part. You will be doing Kegel exercises 3 times per day.

By doing so, the mucles will start contracting and make your vag tight.

Read this article to understand how kegel exercises work in tightening your vag.

Note: It will take weeks or even months to see a profound result with this method. Moreover, this method is dependant on the intensity and frequency of the kegel exercise.

Surgery to Tighten Your Vag Fast:

This is the fastest way to tighten your Vag. The surgery is called vaginoplasty.

However, this solution is expensive. And if the surgery goes wrong (as it will sometimes) you will have a higher price.

Choose an experienced surgeon and if possible talk with previous clients.

For more information on Vaginoplasty Click Here

These were 5 Ways through which you can tighten your vag fast. If we missed something or wish to provide some feedback pls don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do Kegel Exercises Make You Tighter?

Here is a short answer to your question Do Kegel Exercises Make You Tighter? It’s yes.

Kegel exercises are great and will make you vag lips tighter in a matter of days if not weeks.

It’s all natural and permanent. However, you will have to do kegel exercises regularly to reap significant benefits.

Below is a video by a Physical therapist who will teach you how to do kegel and how it tightens your vagina muscles.

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“Hi, I’m Amanda Olson and I’m a doctor at physical therapy and certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist. I see patients in the clinic that have all sorts of different issues ranging from urinary incontinence to fecal incontinence to pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse.

And sometimes when a patient comes in for a diagnosis like urinary incontinence they also want to talk about sexual dysfunction and issues that they’re having in the bedroom of it’s just not being as pleasurable or maybe they can’t feel anything at all and they are interested specifically in exercises that are for vaginal tightening.

The good news is is that a kegel exercise is a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles so here’s the pelvis and everything that you see in red here on the superficial layer and deep layer here a Kegel exercises a contraction of those muscles and by strengthening those muscles it will improve the tone around the vagina.

So looking at how we’re made our bladder sits in the front of the pelvis right like that and then the vagina and the uterus is right behind it so still squeezed into that pelvic Bowl and then the rectum is right behind that so these organs are all seated in the pelvic Bowl like this.

So bladder in the front uterus and vagina coming down right behind it and rectum in the back and the pelvic floor muscles on the superficial in the deep layer support all three of those organs so even if you’ve had a hysterectomy your uterus is gone but your vagina is still there that is the cylinder canal so by doing Kegel exercises of squeezing and lifting the pelvic floor muscles we can increase the tone around that vagina which can increase the pleasure for females and for males so by practicing Kegels you can increase that tone and help make things better in the bedroom”

So Do Kegel Exercises Make You Tighter?

Of course, it does. You must be convinced by watching the above video. So to conclude Kegel exercises does make you tighter down there.

How to do Kegel Exercises?

Here are steps to do kegel exercises.

  • Empty your bladder
  • Get into a relaxed position. You can lay down or sit with back resting on a pillow.
  • Contract your pelvic muscle and count to ten.
  • Then relax your pelvic muscle counting to ten.
  • This is one rep. Do fifteen to twenty times per session.
  • Have three sessions in a day, morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Do this regularly to reap benefits.

That is it. Hope we have answered your question about Do Kegel Exercises make you tighter.

For more info please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Tighten Vag Lips (5 Simple Ways)

Tightening your Vag lips is easy following these 3 simple ways. They are all natural and do not cost more than a dollar. Let’s dive in.

Tighten Vag Lips Using Vinegar:

If you have been searching for tightening remedies then you must of heard about using vinegar to tighten vag lips.

There are several ways to do this.

One way is to take a vinegar bath. The other douching with vinegar. And the third consuming vinegar.

For more details read this article on how to tighten your vag with vinegar. This article will elaborate on all steps with detailed instructions.

Tighten Vag Lips with Aloe Vera:

This is a natural remedy. A remedy better than Vinegar. This remedy works 100% and does not have any precautions to be taken as in the case of Vinegar.

Moreover, this method has several uses. You can not only use it to tighten vag lips but also use to tighten your bust.

And you can use it to rub all over the body to tighten your skin.

Click here to read more about how to use Aloe Vera to tighten vag lips.

Tighten Vag Lips With Supplements:

Supplements are best when it comes to tightening vag lips. Supplements work faster and results are more permanent compared to natural remedies.

However, not all supplements have positive results. Some are in the form of pills while some are in the form of cream.

Do not use pills as they will affect your overall body leading to serious side effects.

Creams on the other hand are better because they work on a specific region. This allows tightening of the area only. And decreases the possibility of any other side effects in other regions.

We have reviewed top 3 vagina lips tightening supplements over. This is also a comparison of all three and have provided pros and cons of each other. Compare yourself and find which is best for you.

Tighten Vag Lips With Surgery:

Surgery is a permanent option to tighten vag lips. However, this option is expensive compared to others.

There are few things to consider before choosing this option.

First, understand that surgeries could go wrong. You need an experienced plastic surgeon who has previously done several cases of vagina tightening surgeries. Do not trust new surgeons. If the surgery goes wrong you are ruined for life.

Secondly, this is expensive. Check if this surgery is covered under your insurance. If its not then consider the expenses you will be undertaking.

Finally, give natural methods a shot and only consider surgery as final option.

For more details on Vagina tightening surgery read this article.

General Info on Tightening Vag Lips

Finally, there are loads of other methods through which you can tighten vag lips naturally. We have written an article that further discusses other ways to tighten your vag lips.

Click here to read the article. 

Conclusion; Tightening of your vag lips is possible but with little patience. before trying any method make sure to consult with your physician irrespective of whether they are natural or not. Most important of all take good care of your body.

How To Tighten Your Vag Overnight (100% Working)

Hi, in this post I will teach you a secret about how to tighten your vag overnight.

By the way, my name is Jessica Sanders and welcome to my blog.

So today I am going to share something very important information with you. I have seen several videos on YouTube. Most of them are really crazy. They ask women to put this and that into your Vagina for tightening and to smell good.

They even make false promises like your vag lips will tighten in just five minutes and you will feel like a virgin again.

I am truly terrified as most women are going to try those crazy things out of desperation.

We just can’t put anything in down there. We need to be careful.

How To Tighten Your Vag Overnight (100% Natural)

Anyway, today I am going to share with you one tip which is God’s gift to us.  God has gifted us with everything to stay healthy and multiply. We just don’t take things seriously.

If we live close to nature and understand the importance of herbs and plants around us we don’t even have to visit the hospital. We will be fit as a fiddle, always.

Right now, I am gonna share this miracle plant with you which has several health benefits and will change your life for good.

The plant that I am talking about is none but Aloe Vera!

My dear sisters this world is abundant with gifts which we don’t take into consideration.

Aloe Vera not only tightens your Vag lips fast overnight but it also firms your sagging breasts. But for the sake of this post, we will stick with tightening of the vagina for now.

No, I am not talking about that Aloe Vera gel that you find in stores. Those are processed and have already lost most of its vitality and healing power.

I am talking about the fresh Aloe Vera plants that you find in nature.

Get the fresh Aloe Vera plant from Farmer’s market. If possible plant one in your garden.If you don’t have a garden use a large pot. The Aloe Vera plant will happily grow in it.

Take the Aloe Vera plant home and scrape out the gel and put it inside a container. Please don’t use a plastic container. Most diseases that we see today are generally due to the use of plastic. Use a glass bottle instead.

Every morning, after you have showered take a fair amount of gel and rub it on your Vagina Lips and put some inside and leave it.

Do the same after you are retiring for bed. Best to shower before going to bed and place some Aloe Vera Gel inside your Vagina and run some on outer Vagina lips. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning

Usually, when I leave Aloe Vera Gel inside my Vag overnight I can feel some tightness in the morning. This is just a personal experience although most of my friends have reported the same sensational experience.

Other Benefits of Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Gel not only tightens your Vag lips fast overnight but it also helps clean it. If there is infection down there then Aloe Vera gel will heal it.

Aloe Vera Gel is also known to heal cysts and STDs.

I am telling you that it’s a magic gel that is abundantly available in nature.

Alternatives to Aloe Vera for Vaginal Tightening

Unfortunately, for some, it will be impossible to get a hold on Aloe Vera. I have an alternative for them.

It’s called V tight Gel which is Vagina Tightening Cream. It is as effective as using Aloe Vera.

Here’s a link to their official site –

This cream is 10 times powerful than Aloe Vera.

When I am on vacation or during winter I use the cream. I place it inside my Vag just below the lips and leave them overnight or at least for a couple of hours.

Hope this article helped you. And if you have any comments or feedback please don’t hesitate to add them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you or answer any query.

P.S You will have to use the Aloe Vera Gel method thrice per week to see results. Due to making love, the Vag lips will loosen again. Therefore, you need to use the Aloe Vera gel constantly down there to keep the elasticity intact.

3 Ways To Tighten Your Vag With Vinegar (100% Working)

In this article, we will discuss 3 ways to tighten your vag using Vinegar.

Before we proceed, you should understand that there is no scientific evidence behind this. However, there are several benefits to using Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Feminine Wash:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar will balance the PH of your Vagina
  • Apple Cider Vinegar also kills the bad bacteria down there
  • It is popularly used for Yeast Infection
  • It is also used to remove odor
  • Apple Cider Vinegar also makes the Vagina walls soft and supple.

We can tighten our vagina with three easy ways.

  1. One is to bathe in a vinegar solution
  2. Second is to douche with vinegar
  3. And the third is to consume it orally.

Note: Apple Cider Vinegar is safer than pure Vinegar. Hence, we will only be using Apple Cider Vinegar. And any further mention of vinegar must be referred to as Apple Cider Vinegar.

Tightening Your Vagina With Vinegar Bath

The method is easy and this is how it’s done. 

  • Add two cups of Apple Cider Vinegar to your bathtub.
  • Fill it warm water
  • Add rose petals or rose water to mask the smell of vinegar
  • Enter the tub
  • Rub your Vag walls/ lips with your fingers
  • Do this in a relaxed manner for at least 30 mins
  • End the bath by rinsing off your Vagina with clean water.
  • Do this once in every three days to see significant results.

Tightening Your Vag by Douching with Vinegar

Another way is to douche your vag lips or walls with Apple Cider Vinegar Solution. The steps are:

  • mix 1 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with 3 tbsp of water
  • get to a private place with a tablespoon, preferably your bathroom
  • Start pouring small volumes of diluted vinegar onto your vaginal walls
  • At the same time rub the walls gently with your other hand
  • Do this in a relaxed manner and as long as it takes (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Rinse off with clean soap and water.
  • Do this every day for a week to see significant results.

How to Tighten Your Vagina by Oral Consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar

This method takes a long time but the tightening is permanent. Moreover, it tightens your overall skin. So this is your best option. You can also try this method along with the above-mentioned methods to accelerate the process of vagina tightening.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Pour 1 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 100 ml of drinking water.
  • Add 1 tsp of honey
  • Mix it well and drink it slowly
  • After drinking the solution rinse your mouth so that the acid does not corrode your teeth.
  • Do this every day to see a profound result.

Warning! : Apple Cider Vinegar must not be used in its raw form to tighten your Vagina. It will do more harm than good.

Hope this article on how to tighten your Vag with Vinegar helped you.

To Tighten Your Vagina Overnight Try this Method


Tips to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

If you do not want to face health complications at a later stage, it is vital that you take good care of your vagina. Just keeping it scented all the day round isn’t good enough. In fact, that may have side-effects in the long term. So, what you need to do is take real care of your vagina so that you do not have to face genital health issues that can make your life a nightmare.

What to do ensure healthy vagina?

When it comes to genital or vaginal care, many women are unsure about what to do and what not to. Well, the steps are very simple and involve basic hygiene.

Maintain pH balance – It is very important that you maintain the vaginal pH balance at around 3.5 – 4. Without this balance, the vagina may be infected by bacteria that are harmful to the genitals as well as other parts of the body. An acidic pH in the vagina helps the helpful bacteria to thrive.

Avoid soaps – Cleansing your vagina is important, but not with soap like other body parts. Use of soap irritates the vaginal area and thus should be avoided at all costs. Wash your vagina with warm water several times a day. This will cleanse the area effectively without the application of any harsh chemicals.

Avoid antibiotics – Excessive intake of antibiotics can kill all the bacteria, including those that are found in the vagina. This isn’t good for the health of the vagina as these bacteria are usually good for the vagina. So, avoid antibiotics unless they are essential.

Healthy diet – Like your body, your vagina too, needs proper nourishment. This is possible only if you follow a healthy diet comprising of yogurt, cranberries, soya beans, etc. that make the vagina supple, hydrated and lubricated naturally.

Avoid scents or scented items – Avoid using all types of scents, douches, scented tampons and pads, deodorants, etc. to prevent the breeding of harmful bacteria or causing unwanted irritation of the sensitive vaginal skin. If you feel that your vagina is very smelly, consult a doctor for it, but do not mask it.

Wear proper clothing – Avoid fancy thongs or too tight underwear. They not only irritate the skin and your genitals, but also cause excessive sweat, with no option of eliminating the unwanted moisture. Your short term sexy statement may become the ugliest thing in your life. So say hi to cotton as it doesn’t make your skin sweat and also makes for a comfortable, breathable wear.

Exercise with care –  If you are a regular at the gym, make sure that you do not put excessive pressure on your genitals or vagina. Long workout sessions on the cycle or general cycling may harm your vagina if you do not do it carefully. Care must be taken every time you ride a bike or exercise.

Regular check up – Like a regular dental appointment, a regular visit to a gynecologist is also prudent. You may not have any diseases, but you can have a check on any that may otherwise affect you. A regular checkup at a reputed clinic or by a reputed doc is always suggested.

How to make your vagina look pretty?


If you are beauty conscious woman, then you would surely want to look the best of yourself at all times. And this applies to the beauty of your vagina and other private parts as well. Just because no one except you and your intimate partners will have no access to your private parts, doesn’t mean that you can let them look like anything. They need utmost care and maintenance and deserve to look as pretty as any other part of your body. Not only will a pretty looking vagina excite your partner, but will also boost your self-esteem as you will beautiful and sexy from within.

Making your vagina look pretty

Your vagina needs daily attention and care. You needn’t spend lots of money for it, but follow some simple steps strictly on a regular basis to get a pretty vagina.

Control hair growth 

While beautiful, long hair looks good on your scalp, the case is quite the opposite here. Thick patches of hair on your vulva are certainly a let down when it comes to having a pretty vagina. Your pretty, pink vagina will be behind a dark veil of hair that no will like. So, stop moaning about how painful it is to remove the hair and get done with it at the earliest. Waxing or shaving will help clear out the entire area and let your beautiful vagina come into prominence.

If you want to be cool, you can also trim the pubic hair very thoroughly and create different designs and patterns down there. It would surely be super hot for you and your partner if you are up for that sort of thing.

Tighten the vagina

Loose expanded vagina will take all the excitement out of your intimate relationships, and so, it is important to take measures that will tighten your loose vagina naturally. However, do not be in a hurry to do this as there may be dangerous side-effects.

Nourish the vagina

For your vagina to look pretty, it must be well nourished and supple as a chapped, dry and lackluster vagina may be a big put off for your partner. Eat well and keep the vagina fresh and clean to avoid such problems.

Avoid bumps

Bumps often occur if the vagina and its surrounding areas are not cleaned properly. These infections are usually benign, but the presence of one down there isn’t pretty actually. Your partner may feel that you are dirty down there and lose all desires to make you ‘dirty’.

Try surgeries

If the vagina or the labia are incorrectly shaped, not fully grown or even absent, you can choose to undergo surgeries like vaginoplasty, or labiaplasty that can correct and restore the vagina to their original shape and structure, so that you do not look weird down there.

Adopt good sexual practices 

If you tend to have sex with different partners and that too, often, your vagina may face the wrath of your exploits. So, it is better that in such cases you always use condoms and lubes. This will protect your vagina from harmful germs and excessive friction as well.

Surgeries to Tighten Vagina


If you are suffering from problems like unsatisfactory sex or lost sensual feelings of arousal, it may be that your vagina has loosened over the period of time. The cause of it could be varied, but the effects are more or less the same – a nightmare as your sexual life gets ruined. Though several exercises and natural ingredients can help improve the condition, yet all such natural processes require a lot of time to bring back the vaginal area to its original condition.

If you are looking for a fast cure, then you may opt for vaginal surgeries that can solve your problem, and that too, very fast. Today, vaginal surgeries are almost as common as other surgeries and are often opted for by women who do not want to enjoy the displeasures caused by a loose vagina.

Vaginoplasty or Labiaplasty 

If you are willing to undergo surgery to tighten your vagina, you have two options before you – opt for either vaginoplasty or go for a labiaplasty. Let’s understand what each of them implies.

Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive and corrective surgery procedure and is mainly used if the woman faces problems with the functions and structure of the vagina and other associated body elements like labia minora, labia majora, cervix, urethra, uterus and other parts of the genital system of a woman. Various types of vaginoplasty procedures have been developed, and they treat different problems associated with the female genitals. Thus, vaginoplasty can help in tightening the vagina if they have become loose.

On the other hand, labiaplasty is just a cosmetic plastic surgery that aims at altering the present shape of the labia and the layers of skin around the vulva. Labiaplasty also finds its use in curing congenital abnormalities and defects, thereby restoring the vulva and the vaginal area to their correct shape and structure. So, if you have defectively shaped labia, labiaplasty may help you.

Risks associated

Though vaginoplasty or labiaplasty may seem to be easy solutions for your loose vagina, you need to be careful and aware before you opt for any of them. There are several reasons for that.

First, since several vaginoplasty procedures are unique to cosmetic surgeons or gynecologists, etc. there is no accreditation of these methods.

Moreover, there are no recognized or authorized stats on the effects of the surgeries on women.

Several women have reported that they have suffered from long term pain in their vaginal areas after the surgeries.

Infections have also been reported to occur in women who had undergone surgeries to correct the shape of their vagina.

Undergoing a surgery doesn’t guarantee that you will have better sensations or arousals. Your feelings down there may change radically, and that may cause discomfort.

Unless your genitals are incorrectly shaped or have abnormalities, you will not be covered by your health insurance for the surgeries.

So, it would be ideal that you talk to a reputed gynecologist before you decide to opt for surgeries. Even if you are facing problems with a loose vagina, you may try out the natural cures before you think about surgeries.

How to make your vagina look lighter?

get fairer private parts

Looking sexy down there is one of the desperate desires of a woman, whether she be in her teens or her 50s. Feeling sexy from within is important for the self-esteem and confidence of a woman and light colored or fair vagina is definitely considered to be a feat for every woman. Irrespective of whether you are fair or wheatish in complexion, you, like millions of other women across the world, definitely want your vagina to look fair because that’s damn sexy.

But this desire is often not fulfilled, the reasons being varied. You may genetically inherit darker vagina/sex or your vagina may lose their original fairness due to factors like non-exposure to normal air, prolonged dampness, tight clothes, friction, etc. Not only that, most women fail to take proper care of their private parts resulting in darker sex/vagina.

Whatever the reason may be, you sure don’t want to the vagina to remain like that, and that is why you need effective methods that will restore you’re the original fairness of your private parts without being harmful or make them appear lighter if they were originally darker. Not to worry as such methods are quite a few and are known to offer good results with regular application.

Lemon – Your very own skin fairness formula works well here as well. Use of lemon on your private parts (externally) can actually help whiten the area without any sort of harmful effects.

Turmeric – Turmeric paste can be a good solution if your vagina and the surrounding areas got darker due to improper maintenance and care. Turmeric is good for the health of the skin and can gradually work wonders in offering long term results.

Herbal creams –  Herbal creams that are meant specifically for the vaginal darkening are easily available in the market. These creams are known to enhance the health of the vagina by working topically and gradually turn the labial lips pink, which is what every woman would desire.

Natural extracts – Perfectly blends of rose extract, cucumber extract, aloe vera, seaweed, etc. are often marketed in the form of creams for the vagina and are a good solution for dark, lifeless vagina. They nourish the vagina and gradually restore its former glory, making you proud.

Bleach creams – Though these creams are quite different from your body bleach creams, yet they work in pretty much the same way. Special bleach creams for your vagina are available online or at stores and can give you the desired light tone within a few uses. The best part is that they specially formulated so that your sensitive areas face no problems at all due to their application. They involve no chemicals that may harm/damage your vagina and the surrounding areas and hence, can be safely used.

These are some of the most common solutions that you can resort to if you have dark, lack-luster vagina, but it would be best that you take care of your private parts at all times so that the use of external creams can be avoided totally or at least be reduced to the minimum.