How to Care for my Vagina?

care for vagina

It may seem alien to many, but taking care of your vagina is as important as taking care of other parts of the body, if not more important. Most women tend to neglect taking care of their genitals and thus, genital problems are very commonly seen amongst women of all ages. This gives rise to chronic health problems at a later stage, making it difficult for the woman to have a happy and satisfactory sexual life.

So, if you do want to avoid all such problems and enjoy your life to its fullest, it is important that you take care of your vagina as well as other areas of your genital system. The precautionary methods are very simple; all that you need to do is follow them stringently.

1. Keep your vagina clean – Cleanliness is very important for good health and the same applies here. You must cleanse your vagina and its surrounding region very thoroughly so that you can prevent all sorts of bacterial and fungal attacks. Preferably use hot water to clean the area. This will help in keeping your vagina healthy.

2. Avoid artificial products – The odor of vaginal discharge is often awful, and people tend to use scents or douches to keep off that smell. But long term use may turn to be harmful to the vagina. So, try not to use such items. Instead, wash off the area quite frequently.

3. Wear breathable clothing – Your underwear should always be made of cotton as it prevents excessive sweating and also allows the moisture to dry up gradually. Not only that, cotton is very soft and thus, doesn’t hurt the soft skin of the vaginal region.

4. Dry yourself – Moisture can enhance the chances of infection in the genitals and so, do not allow your sex to remain damp for a long time. Dry it off as soon as possible. Thoroughly, but gently dry off any traces of water or moisture that may be present after a bath, workouts or long hours spent outdoors.

5. Be cautious during periods – Menstrual cycles can be very painful and disrupting, but that is the time when your body is prone to infections and other harmful effects. Try to be as cautious as possible. Do not wear the same tampon or pad for long as that may become the breeding ground for infections. Thoroughly clean your underwear and change them frequently. Try to avoid scented tampons or sanitary pads.

6. Use condoms – Not only do condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs, but they also help to keep your vagina healthy. Without condoms, the vagina will come in direct contact with semen which has a higher pH than the vagina. This may expose the vagina to bacterial attacks that can endanger the health of the vagina.

7. Eat healthy – Eating yogurt will supply your body with sufficient amounts of bacteria that your vagina will need to stay healthy. Eating fruits like strawberries, pineapples, cranberries, etc. will help eliminate the awful odors of your vaginal discharge and better the smell. Moderate intake of garlic will also prevent any chances of yeast infection in the genital region.

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