How to keep your vagina clean and smelling good?


If you have stumbled upon this piece by chance and have no idea why this is relevant or important, then you need to read on. And if you are here for a reason, you know quite well, why is it important an important discussion for every woman.

Vaginal smell is one of the most commonly occurring problems amongst women of all ages and though it is benign in nature, its implications are several. Though vaginal smell doesn’t really harm you, but it can make you feel weird and uncomfortable. If the odor is too strong, you may feel awful about yourself and your partner will surely have a hard time being intimate with you. Not only that, a strong smell may be perceptible by those around you, and these will sure hamper your image and embarrass you. If you do not want that, then here are the cures for you.

Keeping your vags clean and fresh

This is indeed a difficult job and requires quite a few lifestyle and dietary changes.

Hygiene – Vaginal hygiene is extremely important and you have to wash your private parts very thoroughly every day, if possible more than once. Use lukewarm water to clean the area to ensure that no dirt, germs or sweat stay there for a prolonged time.

Soaps – Avoid using general body soaps for your vagina. They will be harmful. Instead, use herbal or natural, soft, nonscented, liquid soaps for cleaning the area.

Wipe well – After you pee or defecate, it is vital that the entire area around your anus and vagina is thoroughly cleaned of any remains that may cause infection.

Avoid scents – Though use of douches or scented clothing may seem to be a good solution, they are not. In fact, they cause a pH imbalance in the vaginal region and thus, increase the severity of the vaginal odor.

Choose lubes wisely – While the use of lubes is important in penetrative sex, always opt for those that can easily dissolve in water. This will make it easier for you to remove it after sex.

Clean after sex – Once you are done, you should always make it a point to get a wash. Not only wash off your body, but also your private parts as the existence of semen in the vagina for long can lead to harmful consequences.

Avoid sugar – Eating healthy is also important if you do want the vags to be clean and fresh. Avoid consuming sugar too much as that can call for a yeast infection responsible for terribly bad odors.

Use cotton – Wearing cotton clothes and underwear can save you from the horrors of bad smell caused due to dampness and moisture.

Eat yogurt and pineapple – Though there is no proof that pineapple helps in making the vagina smell better, yet word of mouth makes this a plausible solution. On the other hand, yogurt is a fact-based solution to a clean and fresh vagina.

Use garlic – You can take a small piece of garlic and insert the same into the vagina and let it stay for a while. The smell will undoubtedly improve.

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