How to make your vagina look lighter?

get fairer private parts

Looking sexy down there is one of the desperate desires of a woman, whether she be in her teens or her 50s. Feeling sexy from within is important for the self-esteem and confidence of a woman and light colored or fair vagina is definitely considered to be a feat for every woman. Irrespective of whether you are fair or wheatish in complexion, you, like millions of other women across the world, definitely want your vagina to look fair because that’s damn sexy.

But this desire is often not fulfilled, the reasons being varied. You may genetically inherit darker vagina/sex or your vagina may lose their original fairness due to factors like non-exposure to normal air, prolonged dampness, tight clothes, friction, etc. Not only that, most women fail to take proper care of their private parts resulting in darker sex/vagina.

Whatever the reason may be, you sure don’t want to the vagina to remain like that, and that is why you need effective methods that will restore you’re the original fairness of your private parts without being harmful or make them appear lighter if they were originally darker. Not to worry as such methods are quite a few and are known to offer good results with regular application.

Lemon – Your very own skin fairness formula works well here as well. Use of lemon on your private parts (externally) can actually help whiten the area without any sort of harmful effects.

Turmeric – Turmeric paste can be a good solution if your vagina and the surrounding areas got darker due to improper maintenance and care. Turmeric is good for the health of the skin and can gradually work wonders in offering long term results.

Herbal creams –  Herbal creams that are meant specifically for the vaginal darkening are easily available in the market. These creams are known to enhance the health of the vagina by working topically and gradually turn the labial lips pink, which is what every woman would desire.

Natural extracts – Perfectly blends of rose extract, cucumber extract, aloe vera, seaweed, etc. are often marketed in the form of creams for the vagina and are a good solution for dark, lifeless vagina. They nourish the vagina and gradually restore its former glory, making you proud.

Bleach creams – Though these creams are quite different from your body bleach creams, yet they work in pretty much the same way. Special bleach creams for your vagina are available online or at stores and can give you the desired light tone within a few uses. The best part is that they specially formulated so that your sensitive areas face no problems at all due to their application. They involve no chemicals that may harm/damage your vagina and the surrounding areas and hence, can be safely used.

These are some of the most common solutions that you can resort to if you have dark, lack-luster vagina, but it would be best that you take care of your private parts at all times so that the use of external creams can be avoided totally or at least be reduced to the minimum.

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