How to Tighten Vag Lips (5 Simple Ways)

Tightening your Vag lips is easy following these 3 simple ways. They are all natural and do not cost more than a dollar. Let’s dive in.

Tighten Vag Lips Using Vinegar:

If you have been searching for tightening remedies then you must of heard about using vinegar to tighten vag lips.

There are several ways to do this.

One way is to take a vinegar bath. The other douching with vinegar. And the third consuming vinegar.

For more details read this article on how to tighten your vag with vinegar. This article will elaborate on all steps with detailed instructions.

Tighten Vag Lips with Aloe Vera:

This is a natural remedy. A remedy better than Vinegar. This remedy works 100% and does not have any precautions to be taken as in the case of Vinegar.

Moreover, this method has several uses. You can not only use it to tighten vag lips but also use to tighten your bust.

And you can use it to rub all over the body to tighten your skin.

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Tighten Vag Lips With Supplements:

Supplements are best when it comes to tightening vag lips. Supplements work faster and results are more permanent compared to natural remedies.

However, not all supplements have positive results. Some are in the form of pills while some are in the form of cream.

Do not use pills as they will affect your overall body leading to serious side effects.

Creams on the other hand are better because they work on a specific region. This allows tightening of the area only. And decreases the possibility of any other side effects in other regions.

We have reviewed top 3 vagina lips tightening supplements over. This is also a comparison of all three and have provided pros and cons of each other. Compare yourself and find which is best for you.

Tighten Vag Lips With Surgery:

Surgery is a permanent option to tighten vag lips. However, this option is expensive compared to others.

There are few things to consider before choosing this option.

First, understand that surgeries could go wrong. You need an experienced plastic surgeon who has previously done several cases of vagina tightening surgeries. Do not trust new surgeons. If the surgery goes wrong you are ruined for life.

Secondly, this is expensive. Check if this surgery is covered under your insurance. If its not then consider the expenses you will be undertaking.

Finally, give natural methods a shot and only consider surgery as final option.

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General Info on Tightening Vag Lips

Finally, there are loads of other methods through which you can tighten vag lips naturally. We have written an article that further discusses other ways to tighten your vag lips.

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Conclusion; Tightening of your vag lips is possible but with little patience. before trying any method make sure to consult with your physician irrespective of whether they are natural or not. Most important of all take good care of your body.