How to keep your vagina clean and smelling good?


If you have stumbled upon this piece by chance and have no idea why this is relevant or important, then you need to read on. And if you are here for a reason, you know quite well, why is it important an important discussion for every woman.

Vaginal smell is one of the most commonly occurring problems amongst women of all ages and though it is benign in nature, its implications are several. Though vaginal smell doesn’t really harm you, but it can make you feel weird and uncomfortable. If the odor is too strong, you may feel awful about yourself and your partner will surely have a hard time being intimate with you. Not only that, a strong smell may be perceptible by those around you, and these will sure hamper your image and embarrass you. If you do not want that, then here are the cures for you.

Keeping your vags clean and fresh

This is indeed a difficult job and requires quite a few lifestyle and dietary changes.

Hygiene – Vaginal hygiene is extremely important and you have to wash your private parts very thoroughly every day, if possible more than once. Use lukewarm water to clean the area to ensure that no dirt, germs or sweat stay there for a prolonged time.

Soaps – Avoid using general body soaps for your vagina. They will be harmful. Instead, use herbal or natural, soft, nonscented, liquid soaps for cleaning the area.

Wipe well – After you pee or defecate, it is vital that the entire area around your anus and vagina is thoroughly cleaned of any remains that may cause infection.

Avoid scents – Though use of douches or scented clothing may seem to be a good solution, they are not. In fact, they cause a pH imbalance in the vaginal region and thus, increase the severity of the vaginal odor.

Choose lubes wisely – While the use of lubes is important in penetrative sex, always opt for those that can easily dissolve in water. This will make it easier for you to remove it after sex.

Clean after sex – Once you are done, you should always make it a point to get a wash. Not only wash off your body, but also your private parts as the existence of semen in the vagina for long can lead to harmful consequences.

Avoid sugar – Eating healthy is also important if you do want the vags to be clean and fresh. Avoid consuming sugar too much as that can call for a yeast infection responsible for terribly bad odors.

Use cotton – Wearing cotton clothes and underwear can save you from the horrors of bad smell caused due to dampness and moisture.

Eat yogurt and pineapple – Though there is no proof that pineapple helps in making the vagina smell better, yet word of mouth makes this a plausible solution. On the other hand, yogurt is a fact-based solution to a clean and fresh vagina.

Use garlic – You can take a small piece of garlic and insert the same into the vagina and let it stay for a while. The smell will undoubtedly improve.

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How to Tighten Vagina Naturally?

tighten vagina

Sexual intimacy is a major building block in any relationship, and even though it may not be the only thing about a relationship, it sure is very important. Obviously, you do want to have the maximum pleasure in your relation when it comes to sexual intimacy, and if that is not present, your relationship may spiral down into the abyss. No one wants that for sure. But if you are reading this piece, it is obvious that you are suffering from one of the most common problems faced by women during intimacy – loose vaginas.

Though the situation is very awkward and at times, may be quite humiliating as well, yet it is important that you seek a solution to it and not just live with it. Though surgeries are available to restore the firmness of the vagina, yet many of you may not have the will to be operated down there. Well, you needn’t as there are several natural solutions that you can opt for if you are looking to restore the shape and firmness of your vagina.

Natural solutions to tighten your vagina

A few of the most common measures that you can take to restore the health of your vagina are as follows:

Exercises – You might have heard that proper exercises are a cure for numerous problems and the same is true in this case as well. Special exercises known as the Kegel workouts can help you in a great way to get back the lost firmness of your vagina. Moreover, you can do squats regularly as they are known to restore the slackened vaginal walls.

Vaginal cones – Using vaginal cones to enhance the holding capacity of your vulva can also be helpful if you are willing to add to the strength of your vaginal muscles. You have to practice the trick for a fixed number of times, and this will gradually build up the strength of the vagina.

Herbal treatment – If you are looking for natural solutions to your problem. You can resort to the use of several herbs as well that are known to help recover the tightness of the vagina. Herbs like Cucurma Camosa, Pueraria Mirifica, etc. not only inhibit vaginal prolapse but also stimulate the growth of the vaginal muscles, thereby helping the vagina to get back its proper mass and strength.

Yoga –  As with many other problems, yoga can be a good option in solving problems related to a loose vagina. Yogic postures that directly target the pelvic muscles should be practiced regularly and properly to see a significant change in the slackened vagina.

Healthy diet – While you are adopting other solutions to get back the elasticity of your vagina, it is important that you adopt healthy eating habits. You need to include items that are rich in phytoestrogens like soya beans, fenugreek, carrots, etc. Including these items in your daily diet will enhance the daily intake of phytoestrogens that will help in recovering the firmness of the vagina.

All the above-mentioned procedures are totally natural and are effective in getting your vagina back to its former state of firmness.

How to Care for my Vagina?

care for vagina

It may seem alien to many, but taking care of your vagina is as important as taking care of other parts of the body, if not more important. Most women tend to neglect taking care of their genitals and thus, genital problems are very commonly seen amongst women of all ages. This gives rise to chronic health problems at a later stage, making it difficult for the woman to have a happy and satisfactory sexual life.

So, if you do want to avoid all such problems and enjoy your life to its fullest, it is important that you take care of your vagina as well as other areas of your genital system. The precautionary methods are very simple; all that you need to do is follow them stringently.

1. Keep your vagina clean – Cleanliness is very important for good health and the same applies here. You must cleanse your vagina and its surrounding region very thoroughly so that you can prevent all sorts of bacterial and fungal attacks. Preferably use hot water to clean the area. This will help in keeping your vagina healthy.

2. Avoid artificial products – The odor of vaginal discharge is often awful, and people tend to use scents or douches to keep off that smell. But long term use may turn to be harmful to the vagina. So, try not to use such items. Instead, wash off the area quite frequently.

3. Wear breathable clothing – Your underwear should always be made of cotton as it prevents excessive sweating and also allows the moisture to dry up gradually. Not only that, cotton is very soft and thus, doesn’t hurt the soft skin of the vaginal region.

4. Dry yourself – Moisture can enhance the chances of infection in the genitals and so, do not allow your sex to remain damp for a long time. Dry it off as soon as possible. Thoroughly, but gently dry off any traces of water or moisture that may be present after a bath, workouts or long hours spent outdoors.

5. Be cautious during periods – Menstrual cycles can be very painful and disrupting, but that is the time when your body is prone to infections and other harmful effects. Try to be as cautious as possible. Do not wear the same tampon or pad for long as that may become the breeding ground for infections. Thoroughly clean your underwear and change them frequently. Try to avoid scented tampons or sanitary pads.

6. Use condoms – Not only do condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs, but they also help to keep your vagina healthy. Without condoms, the vagina will come in direct contact with semen which has a higher pH than the vagina. This may expose the vagina to bacterial attacks that can endanger the health of the vagina.

7. Eat healthy – Eating yogurt will supply your body with sufficient amounts of bacteria that your vagina will need to stay healthy. Eating fruits like strawberries, pineapples, cranberries, etc. will help eliminate the awful odors of your vaginal discharge and better the smell. Moderate intake of garlic will also prevent any chances of yeast infection in the genital region.

Exercises to Tighten Your Vagina

woman exercising

Exercises are an excellent way to achieve a healthy and fit body. And this remains true and relevant even when you are looking for a solution to your loose vagina. It is a very common problem that can affect women of various ages and significantly impacts their sexual lives. Thus, finding a solution to the problem is very important and doing so in the most natural way would be the most prudent. This will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits without suffering from any side-effects.

Various types of exercises have been found to be extremely effective in curing the problem of loose and weak vagina, and the common ones are as follows:

1.    Kegel exercises


These are known to be amongst the best cures for lost vaginal elasticity. These exercises actively involve the muscles of the pelvic floor that lose their elasticity when a woman gives birth to a child. If the elasticity isn’t restored after childbirth, you may face problems like delayed arousal, unsatisfactory penetrative sex, etc. Various types of kegel exercises exist and then have to be practiced daily so that the muscles can gain back their strength and tone, thus making the vagina shapely, firm and toned.

2.    Leg raises

leg raises

This is a very well-known warm-up exercise and can be effective in curing the problem of slackened vagina. It is a very simple exercise and can be practiced without any accessories. You need to lie down, face up and gradually lift your legs, ensuring that you do not bend your knees at all. Hold your legs in the raised position for a while and then gradually lower them back. Repeat this for about 10-15 minutes and you can have great benefits. The exercise can gradually tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor and restore the health of your vagina.

3.    Squats


They work in a very similar way as the leg raises. They directly target the muscles of your pelvic region, including the vaginal muscles and help make them stronger, which is why practicing squats regularly can significantly improve the condition of your vaginal walls. They make them stronger and firmer, thus ensuring that penetrative sex is more enjoyable.

4.    Yoga


This is one of the simplest methods if you are looking for a solution to your loose vagina. Several yogic postures significantly workout the muscles of the pelvis and thus, cure the problem with regular practice. Not only that, yoga can be very easily done at home, even without specialized training.

5.    Working out with vaginal cones or Ben Wa balls


In order to increase the firmness of the vagina and make it better at retaining, you can practice with Ben Wa balls or vaginal cones. These are readily available in the market, and you have to insert them into your vagina and practice holding them for as long as possible. They are available in various weights, and thus, you can keep on improving the strength of your vaginal muscles gradually to make them super firm.

However, it has to be remembered that all these exercises, though effective, work their effects gradually and you shouldn’t try to hurry them on, or you will not be able to achieve the desired results.

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What Causes Loose Vaginal Walls?

loose vaginal walls

Enjoying the pleasures of consensual sex is a must for every couple. Irrespective of whether you are married or not, this is what strengthens the relationship between you and your partner. And if you cannot have the best pleasures out of consensual sex, the chances are high that your conjugal life will be ruined, and soon this will create a barrier that will lead to nothing but divorces and breakups.

There are several reasons that may affect the pleasures that you derive from sexual activities, and one of the most common reasons behind this is the loosening of the vaginal walls. With the vaginal walls losing their proper elasticity, it becomes harder for the woman to be aroused properly and this significantly affects the pleasure derived by the male partner. As a result, dissatisfaction looms large over the relationship and gradually, paves the way for infidelity and breakups.

Causes of loose vaginal walls

If you are a woman and feel that your vaginal walls have lost their firm, tight nature, it is important that you take steps to solve the problem, or your personal life may be ruined. But, before you look for remedies, it is important to understand why you have lost firmness down there. This would be helpful to you when you are looking for solutions. The major causes of loosening of the vagina are as follows:

Childbirth: One of the most important events of the life of a woman is becoming a mom. While this event is highly joyous for everyone, yet it has some significant impact on the body of a woman. During childbirth, the vaginal area undergoes maximum expansion to accommodate the delivery of the child. Though the vaginal walls are elastic in nature, yet in most cases, they fail to get back their original shape which is why the vaginal walls feel loose, especially after childbirth. If you have had more than one child, the situation gradually worsens.

Age: Another important factor that leads to the lost elasticity of the vagina is age. As you start aging, your body sees a lot of changes that in turn makes your vagina loose. The amount of estrogen that the feminine body produces reduces significantly with the increasing age. Lesser the amount of estrogen produced by the body, lesser will be the flexibility of the vagina. Thus, it is important that you take the necessary steps to maintain a balanced hormonal level after a certain age.

Certain drugs: Several drugs are known to affect the level of hormones in the body of a woman. With the varying hormonal levels, the walls of the vagina gradually lose their strength. This is mainly because the muscles in the vaginal region become weak to the effect of the hormonal imbalance and thus, the proper shape of the vagina is gradually lost, which results in displeasure.

Not only that, high-stress levels or improper sexual activities may also damage the vaginal walls, and they may lose their elasticity gradually. So, it is important for you to find out which factor(s) are affecting you and take the necessary steps to prevent the damages that they may cause to your body.

Learn how to tighten your vagina using v tight gel


Last updated January 7th, 2019

tighten your vagina with v tight gel

I’m reviewing V Tight gel after a month. It includes shocking truths unheard before and…

It’s important not to skim as you will miss valuable information.

Attn: Since this review is 3,000+ words, most emailed us for a shorter version. We have come up with the shortest version of this review. But if you still wish to read this lengthy review you are more than welcome 🙂

Shortest Version:

  • Use this gel before retiring to bed
  • Leave it overnight & wash it first thing in the morning
  • Use it three times per week
  • You will be tight as a virgin in a couple of month’s time
  • Some might be allergic. Place a little amount on your arms. If it doesn’t itch then you aren’t allergic
  • In short, V tight gel works

Here’s a link to their official website:

Here we Go!

Being a woman is difficult than men imagine!

There’s a lot to do – educate oneself, fight social discriminations, get a job, fulfill one’s dreams and be the sexy woman you have always wanted to be.

That’s an uphill task.

Often we end up neglecting our bodies.

We forgo our desire to be beautiful and sexy, not only to our man but for ourselves as well and…

Soon this becomes a habit. And the beautiful body longer exists.

Freckles on the skin, crow’s feet under the eyes, unnecessary fat on the thighs, arms and belly, lackluster skin make us look old and dull, even in our early thirties.

Woman’s body is a  delicate creation.

Maintaining it requires proper attention, which we often fail to offer and…

Things get worse as soon as we have a baby.

While everyone is happy about the baby, a sudden chill creeps into most of us, especially IF WE OPTED FOR NORMAL DELIVERY!!!

What about the vaginal area and the vaginal walls?

They stretch to their extremes to ensure a normal delivery of the baby!

Will things be as normal as before???

Do the walls contract to their earlier conditions????

Or does having a baby means that I will have…


These are some of the common questions that plague the minds of all mothers, whether they are in their 20s or their 30s and beyond.

Maternity and child delivery does cause loosening up of the vaginal walls.

The change is irreversible if you do not take care.

But there is hope…

my v tight gel reviews - does it work

While most of us struggle with Vagina Tightening, I,  consider myself lucky to have found a solution that works wonders.

I was seven month’s pregnant when this thought first crept into my mind.

I could hardly contain myself thinking what I would do if the same disaster befalls me.

Would I never again be the sexy ass, I was then?

Would my partner start ignoring me since I wouldn’t be the same passionate lover again?

Gloomy thoughts flashed in my mind whenever I was alone and…

I made it my goal to know of a particular and effective solution that would solve my problem completely.

I searched the internet for days and read loads of stuff about vagina tightening.

I found exercises that could help, food habits that I should follow, exercises that could help in tightening the vagina, home remedies and even came across pills that claimed to help tighten the vagina. But…

Since I was going to be a new mom and breastfeed my child, I didn’t want anything harmful in my body.

So pills were out of the scenario.

I was still searching when I came across the product V-tight Gel. According to the manufacturers, this wonderful gel actually helped in tightening the vagina, even after you had a childbirth.


I researched more about the product online and soon was thrilled by what I read.

V-tight Gel looked promising and the user reviews from other women, moms or otherwise, were fabulous.

The gel worked! I was very Happy :):):):):):):). But…

You need to use it properly which I will guide you in a minute.

I read more about the gel and how it works.

I got more and more convinced that this would do miracles if used along with the proper diets and exercises.

I started relaxing and by the time, I was ready for child delivery, I had my cure.

The delivery was normal, and as soon as I was back home and on a normal routine, I started the healing procedure.

I planned my diet and workout charts according to what I had already studied online and started using the V-tight Gel (after consulting the doctor though).

And believe me, I have enjoyed the results superbly which is why after nearly a month’s use, I decided to pen this v tight gel review as I understand there would be thousands of women and moms out there still looking for something that does work.

So, if you are one amongst them, do read on!

What is the V-tight Gel?

vtight-gelYou know that V-tight Gel is a gel that helps in tightening the vaginal walls and the entire area of the vagina so that you can once again have a tight vagina that you can be proud of.

It helps in restoring the lost elasticity of the vagina which occurs due to changes in hormone levels, childbirth or aging.


It is complemented by exercises.

Why is it needed?

A tight vagina always arouses your partner better and is a boost to your libido as well but…

Due to natural processes like aging or events like childbirth, the walls of the vagina often lose their flexibility.

Hence, they do not contract as they should.

The loss of elasticity becomes a major concern and…

Both partners fail to achieve the complete pleasures of sex.

This happened to me.

In the very initial days, when I wasn’t still back to my normal routine, I felt that my vaginal walls were too loose, and the feeling was really weird.

I felt like they were out of their place (which was not the case, of course).

But yes, they were loose, and that was WEIRD for me.

Though my hubby didn’t complain, yet I understood that he felt the difference too, and…

This difference could ruin our sexual intimacy.

I consulted my doctor.

I was eager to start using the gel as soon as I could.

So, when I was finally back to routine, I started following the diet and exercise chart and also applied the gel as instructed.


After initial applications, the vaginal area had contracted resulting in a totally different feeling.

It was a bit odd, but…

Somehow it was satisfying as well.

My husband didn’t know that I was following a different routine just to get myself back in shape (in every way).

After a few days of application, when my vag was tight…


He knew how pregnancy altered things, but he was surprised at how quickly I recovered.

And when I told him about the excellent results of the V-tight Gel, he simply didn’t believe me.


he asked.

I explained to him that the gel indeed worked and how I had planned everything, even before I gave birth.

It took time for the truth to settle in and he was happy to have me back, like before.

And to be true, I was much more happy than he was. Though I had read in various places that the gel had worked as promised, I was still anxious when I started using it.

But seeing the significant changes within a very short span of time, I was simply elated.

It was very soon that our sexual encounters were as pleasurable as before, and none of us had anything to complain about.

We were our usual selves and intimacy was as good as we had before the childbirth.

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v tight gel benefits

Who is it for?

Reading my V-tight Gel review, you might think that this gel is only for those who have had a child. But…

The case isn’t so.

The gel can be used by anybody who is suffering from problems caused by loose vaginal walls and…

Whatever may be the cause, loose vaginal walls can lead to unsatisfactory conjugation, resulting in displeasure.

This is the main reasons for declining relationships between partners.

If the problem is not solved at the earliest, it may lead to sexual tensions, infidelity, dissatisfaction, breakups, and divorce.

However weird it may sound, satisfaction for both partners during consensual sex is very important for the relationship to thrive and last long.

So, for all those who are suffering from the problem of loosening vaginal walls, whatever the reason may be, V-tight Gel is the best solution.

Yo needn’t wait for the vagina to be extremely loose.

If you feel that your vagina isn’t the way it once used to be you can immediately start using the V-tight Gel

Highlights of the V-tight Gel

With so much being said about the V-tight Gel, you must be surely wondering what exactly are the features of this wonderful gel that makes it look so promising and actually helps in solving the critical problem that is being faced by millions of women of all ages across the world.

So, for your enlightenment, here are the basic features that make the gel work like wonders for women suffering from vaginal elasticity loss problems.

The gel helps in tightening the vagina and making it firm.

It also assists in restoring the suppleness of the vagina so that you can derive more sexual pleasure.

It also brings back to the shape the vagina by contracting the vaginal walls.

The V-tight Gel also helps in proper lubrication of the vaginal area so that no dryness is felt during sexual activities.

By tightening the vagina, the gel helps in bringing back your lost confidence as well as self-esteem.

In short, the V-tight Gel not only helps in restoring the elasticity of the vagina lost due to childbirth or other reasons but also makes you more comfortable about your own body.

Knowing that you are in proper shape will give you the confidence to enjoy the pleasures of your sexual life without any hesitation and also eliminate the feeling of being unattractive to men due to a loose a vagina.

Thus, for me as well as the millions of women out there, who have tried the V-tight Gel, the product has been one of the best self-esteem boosters that have actually worked, irrespective of the age.

What is included in the package?

As I already mentioned, I had prepared a list of exercises that I would follow after the delivery.

But to my surprise, when I finally received the product, I found that the package not only included the gel but also a list of exercises that would actually complement the actions of the gel.

This was good news for me because now I had a list of exercises that would definitely work with the gel.

I decided to incorporate all the exercises that I found on the internet and the list that came with the gel into my daily regime along with a healthy eating habit, and the result was before me within a matter of days.

For people who are interested in knowing more about the product, it will be surprising to know that the main ingredient of the gel is Manjakani that is widely found in the Asian countries.

Manjakani is known to be amongst the strongest astringents to be used by mankind, and this property of the Manjakini herb has been highly beneficial to mankind.

The astringent properties help in curing vaginal disorders and issues such as lost elasticity of the vagina, loosening of the walls of the vagina, damaged vaginal tissues, the vitality of the feminine body, excessive discharges occurring from the vagina, stalling and preventing vaginal atrophy as well as genital prolapse.

Not only that, the extract of Manjakani is known for restoring the tone, health, and vigor of the vagina that results in more pleasurable sex.

It also assists in increasing the sexual sensations and eliminating the occurrence of bad odor due to vaginal discharges, thereby offering more pleasure to both partners.

Apart from the main ingredient, i.e. Manjakani extract, the gel also contains considerable portions of Witch Hazel that is another well-known astringent found from a shrub native to North America.

Witch Hazel is known to be a great cure for problems such as swelling and wounds that mainly occur during childbirth.

Other ingredients that are present in the gel in small amounts are 


Sodium Benzoate

Sodium PCA

Citric Acid

How to use the V-tight Gel?

Being a gel, using it is as simple as you can imagine. Yet, for the best results, it is always better than you do it in a methodical.

To begin with, it is necessary that you first clean your hands thoroughly. You can use soaps, lotions, hand washes or whatever else you may prefer, but the main aim here is to ensure that your hands are as clean as possible before the application.

Since the gel will be applied to sensitive areas of your body, it is better not to take a chance.

Once your hands are clean, you can now press the gel onto the tip of a finger. Do take only a minimum amount because any excess amount will go to waste.

Now, slowly insert the finger with the gel into the vagina and use the finger to gradually apply the gel onto the walls of the vagina, ensuring that the gel is spread evenly to the entire area.

This is very important as uneven spread will reduce the effects significantly.

Once done, allow the gel to work its magic.

To achieve the best results, I would suggest that you use the V-tight Gel regularly and not only before sexual activities.

Daily use, in the morning as well at night, will make sure that the vaginal walls remain tight throughout the day, and you do not have to use it every time you think of getting intimate.

I have found this to be very helpful in feeling the very best about oneself all through the day – something that considerably boosts self-esteem.

Pros of using the V-tight Gelwoman happy after vagina tightening

The V-tight Gel is reported to be one of the most effective vaginal tightening gel that exist in the market.

It works superb irrespective of what your age is or the reason(s) for the loss of vaginal elasticity.

It is quite cheap as compared to other products on the market.

The topical application eases the procedure of use.

Can be used at any time of the day

Being an all natural product, there are no chances of infections, allergies or other side effects.

No annoying odor that might put off you or your partner.

Offers solutions to a number of other vaginal problems apart from loose vagina

Boosts self-esteem and confidence amongst women

Doesn’t irritate the skin

Can be spread evenly without any hassle

Safe for being used with condoms as well

Eliminates the need for surgery for restoring vaginal shape and condition

Any chances of harmful effects?

Well, I would say no. I have been using the gel for several weeks now, and I have noticed not a single side effect to the product.

Users across the world have also testified it to be safe. But, in case you are allergic to any ingredient that is being used in the gel, you can consult a doctor before you start using the gel.

This will guarantee that you are always safe from any allergies.

Is it costly?

Well, perspectives vary, but given the benefits that the V-tight Gel offers, I would say that the product is worth every penny spent, even more!

A single file comes at a price of $39, but if you want to use it long term, you can also opt to buy the bulk packages where the overall cost is quite less.

Whatever may your choice be, never hesitate from buying this unique gel as it delivers what it promises and the results are undoubtedly what you have always craved for.

My Verdict

With the benefits that I have enjoyed post my pregnancy with the V-tight Gel, I just cannot stop praising it more and more.

If you believe me, I will spend a lot more than the mere $39, if the product came at a higher price.

It is totally worth the money spent, and once you start using the gel, you can surely have peace of mind for all the coming years.

So a big thumbs up to the V-tight Gel for making my life more pleasurable!

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