What Causes Loose Vaginal Walls?

loose vaginal walls

Enjoying the pleasures of consensual sex is a must for every couple. Irrespective of whether you are married or not, this is what strengthens the relationship between you and your partner. And if you cannot have the best pleasures out of consensual sex, the chances are high that your conjugal life will be ruined, and soon this will create a barrier that will lead to nothing but divorces and breakups.

There are several reasons that may affect the pleasures that you derive from sexual activities, and one of the most common reasons behind this is the loosening of the vaginal walls. With the vaginal walls losing their proper elasticity, it becomes harder for the woman to be aroused properly and this significantly affects the pleasure derived by the male partner. As a result, dissatisfaction looms large over the relationship and gradually, paves the way for infidelity and breakups.

Causes of loose vaginal walls

If you are a woman and feel that your vaginal walls have lost their firm, tight nature, it is important that you take steps to solve the problem, or your personal life may be ruined. But, before you look for remedies, it is important to understand why you have lost firmness down there. This would be helpful to you when you are looking for solutions. The major causes of loosening of the vagina are as follows:

Childbirth: One of the most important events of the life of a woman is becoming a mom. While this event is highly joyous for everyone, yet it has some significant impact on the body of a woman. During childbirth, the vaginal area undergoes maximum expansion to accommodate the delivery of the child. Though the vaginal walls are elastic in nature, yet in most cases, they fail to get back their original shape which is why the vaginal walls feel loose, especially after childbirth. If you have had more than one child, the situation gradually worsens.

Age: Another important factor that leads to the lost elasticity of the vagina is age. As you start aging, your body sees a lot of changes that in turn makes your vagina loose. The amount of estrogen that the feminine body produces reduces significantly with the increasing age. Lesser the amount of estrogen produced by the body, lesser will be the flexibility of the vagina. Thus, it is important that you take the necessary steps to maintain a balanced hormonal level after a certain age.

Certain drugs: Several drugs are known to affect the level of hormones in the body of a woman. With the varying hormonal levels, the walls of the vagina gradually lose their strength. This is mainly because the muscles in the vaginal region become weak to the effect of the hormonal imbalance and thus, the proper shape of the vagina is gradually lost, which results in displeasure.

Not only that, high-stress levels or improper sexual activities may also damage the vaginal walls, and they may lose their elasticity gradually. So, it is important for you to find out which factor(s) are affecting you and take the necessary steps to prevent the damages that they may cause to your body.

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